How to get rid of Oily hair?

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Don’t wash your hair every day so that you want to get rid of oily hair. At first, it seems a good way to wash your oily hair every day. But, if you wash your hair every day, your hair gets greasy. If you wash your hair every day, your hair becomes oily. As the process of filling the washed sebum repeats itself.
[1] It’s best to wash your hair up to two or three times a week even if you want to get rid of oily hair.
[2] Wear a shower cap when you don’t wash your hair. Wear a shower cap to make sure your hair is not wet when you shower. If you do not wash your hair and your hair is moist, the oil will be more produced which will make your oily hair get rid of.
[3] Apply a conditioner only to the ends of the hair. Oily hair would be less nutritious, not more nutritious, than hair roots. However, if you don’t apply conditioner at all, the ends of your hair will dry and go bad. After shampooing your hair, apply conditioner from middle to end. Use a conditioner that does not require a rinse or rinse.
[4] Wash your hair with cold or lukewarm water. When you wash your hair with warm water, the cuticles of your hair open. Which makes more oily hair to get rid of. Also, pores in the scalp open, producing more sticky sebum. As soon as you leave the hot shower, sticky sebum begins to flow from your scalp.
[5] To use shampoo as little as a coin. Every time you use too much shampoo, it piles up on your hair and looks damp and oily hair to get rid of. Take the shampoo in the size of one coin sufficiently to be used in the palm of your hand. Depending on the length and thickness of your hair, you may need more or less.

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