How to improve damaged hair?

Everyone is worried about damaged hair. So, the question has to be asked for yourself “Have I made any effort to minimize the damaged hair?”. These are the steps to improve damaged hair by proper washing of hair:


Use a brush before shampooing. If you brush your hair well, the ingredients of shampoo will reach the scalp evenly. So you can have a smooth shampooing. Brushing can be a very simple routine but can improve damaged hair.


When you shampoo, first use your palm. Make enough foam to wind up. When you wash your hair, use your fingertips. It’s good to massage softly. To rub hair violently, it’s a shortcut for hair breakage and damaged hair. You should keep these facts in mind.


Hair Conditioner:

Hair Treatment is a nourishing product but the product which gives a coating effect to the hair can be called Hair Conditioner. The basics of fluttering hair start with a hair conditioner. Some people don’t wash their hair after applying conditioner, which is not good for your hair. You need to wash conditioner enough so hair doesn’t bleach. So, you can keep your hair healthy for a long time without any damaged hair.

Towel Dry:

Once hair is washed, don’t wind up with a towel and let the hair be wet. If you leave wet hair for a long time, you’ll get fungus on your scalp. The fungus has the best conditions to grow on a moist scalp. When you dry your hair with a towel, don’t rub your hair roughly. It’s better to dry the hair with the dryer including the scalp.

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