How to take care of skin barrier according to skin type?

take care of skin barrier

Taking care of the skin barrier would be hard if someone is unsure about their skin type. Here we made you easier to follow the skin routine according to the skin type:

Dry skin:
Dry skin has tiny pores and a delicate texture, low oil content, and hydration on the skin that make it dry easily. The texture of the skin is slim and dry, so it is necessary to pay attention to wrinkles. After cleansing your face, apply a moisturizer to keep your skin barrier dry. It’s wrong, to wash your face too often and too hard. Your skin exfoliation is perfect once per week.
Oily skin:
It is important to note that oily skin is a sort of developing sebaceous gland of the skin which produces large amounts of sebum.  This way, the oil is easy to produce and the pores of the skin are large.
As a result of large amounts of sebum production, the pores are closed, which can cause skin barrier problems. You should wash your face thoroughly using two types of facial cleanser. First, gradually massage with an oil-based facial cleanser (at a short circular speed) in which the sebum starts to melt like oil, then wash the face. Gel Type or Foam Type Facial Cleanser is suitable for washing the face. After washing your face, moisturize your skin with the Skin Serum or Skin Moisturizer.
Complex Skin:
Complex skin is a type of skin that has different skin types depending on the facial area. This is due to infectious and environmental reasons but is complicated because of the lack of care for vulnerable skin. The skin tissue is not uniform as a whole, so the solution is to adjust it correctly. You need to restore adequate oil (skin oil) and water supply and pH balance to the damaged skin. To do so, you must carefully check the skin and use both the facial cleanser and the basic care products. Use a gel-type facial cleanser or hypo-allergenic cleanser that matches the pH of the skin barrier. It is suggested to use products suitable for the skin that help balance the skin oil and dry parts.

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