Is suncream essential for skin in any season?

Suncream is essential for skin in any season whether it is summer or winter, You have heard it correctly. Suncream is essential for skin not only for sun protection but also for various other factors that can damage your skin from the sun. It is said that “Prevention is better than Cure”. So, we would be discussing damage due to skin and the advantages of suncream.
The best way to protect your skin from strong UV rays is to cover it with clothes or apply sunscreen. ​ When summer starts people use suncream to protect themselves from the strong rays of the Sun. The suncream can effectively block UV rays.
More than 80% of skin cancers can be prevented by protecting the skin from such strong UV rays. Skin cancer in early detection is easy compared to other cancers that occur in internal organs. Skin cancer can be seen on the outside. So many people think it is less threatening and easier to cure, but it is not. ​
Skin cancer has few symptoms in the early stages, so it is often considered minor and then visits a hospital after it has already become severe. Skin cancer is one of those cancers that have a fairly high chance of being cured if detected early. But it is more dangerous because there are so many people who go to the hospital late. So, suncream is essential in every season for the skin to prevent skin cancer. Thus, the season isn’t important for applying suncream.

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