Prevent and manage skin troubles even wearing mask

Everyone is wearing masks, getting harder to prevent and manage skin troubles. Wearing a mask has become an everyday habit because of prolonged coronavirus infections. Wearing masks is unavoidable in order to prevent infection. But in hot and humid weather, you have to be more careful with your skincare due to the mask.
skin troubles
While COVID-19 is gradually spreading, frequent use of masks has caused skin troubles around the mouth, cheeks, and chin. These days, dermal clinics appear to be busy because people didn’t prevent and manage skin trouble.
As experts claim skincare treatments like medical care and inflammatory injections can be performed. Depending on individual symptoms such as contact dermatitis and pimples, before treatment, patients’ way of life is important in preventing them.
To prevent skin problems by masks is to remove the mask for a short period of time and vent into indoor areas where there are few people. Or when there is an adequate, safe distance from others. Better don’t reuse masks that are contaminated by cosmetics.
For women, plain makeup can also help prevent skin problems. Doing thick makeup might mix sweat,  various cosmetic ingredients, and waste over your skin. The best way is to apply sunscreen that has a toning function that may clean your complexion naturally.
In addition, it is important to wash your skin thoroughly after getting out so that there is no more residue or waste. After washing your face, apply essential cosmetic products such as skin lotion and moisturizer. If your skin is oily, you should use products that do not contain oil. The best way to apply a fresh type of cream is as it may interfere with sebum secretion and increase moisture to block pores.

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