What is a scalp?


What is a scalp? What are its types?

The scalp means the skin covering the head. Named after the first letters of the upper skull structures; Skin, Connective tissue, loose tendon (Aponeurosis), Loose connective tissue, and skull membrane (Pericranium). It consists of these five layers, and hair is an important structure.
  • Normal Scalp:

    The scalp is soft and moist, and the surface is clear and bluish-white and has no dead skin cells. Two to three hairs are located in one pore. You have to try to keep paying attention to your current health condition and cleanliness to avoid dead skin cells. Nutritional supply is essential.

  • Oily Scalp:

    Oily skin is the cause of excessive sebum secretion and accumulation of sebum oxides which is the effects of aging dead skin cells. Much white dandruff can be seen, the pores are blocked by sebum and foreign substances. The excessive secretion of sebum causes seborrheic hair loss. Pay attention to the cleaning of clogged pores and blood circulation on it. Moreover, You should use a specific shampoo for it and not over-heat during drying with a hairdryer. In order to promote blood circulation, massage it, and the shoulder.

  • Dry Scalp:

    There are internal and external factors as the cause of dry scalp. Internal factors are abnormal hormonal secretion, nutritional imbalance, and stress. However, external factors include frequent drying and chemical procedures, and incorrect shampoo selection. Moisture loss and sebum secretion disorder, which are the causes of it, may cause pulling, itching, and inflammation of it. For it, use antifungal dandruff shampoo if dandruff is severe. Apply a hair tonic and massage with your fingertips. It is best practice to do it. Scalp without oil and moisture cannot make dead skin stick to it. Dead skin comes out of it frequently. In addition, It is mandatory to supply adequate oil and moisture for its condition.

  • Sensitive Scalp:

    Firstly, a sensitive scalp can appear on any scalp such as dry, oily, or dandruff type. If it is not clean, it may cause inflammation or excessive sebum caused by a bacterial infection such as mold and bacteria. For it, cleanliness comes first. Precautions should be taken to prevent bacterial growth from occurring. And hot steam or sauna is not good.

  • Dandruff Scalp:

    Dandruff increases the abnormal proliferation of its bacteria, itching, and inflammation. Moreover, Excessive dandruff indicates an abnormality in it. special care to control bacteria, scaling, and product absorption must be performed. Dry dandruff is caused by insufficient sebum. You should avoid excessive washing. Moreover, Oily dandruff is due to excessive sebum. Thus, try to keep it clean so that it does not become infected with bacteria. It requires an adequate supply of moisture and oil. It supplies nutrients to it and massages to promote blood circulation.

  • Hair Loss Scalp:

    Hair Loss is caused by improper scalp cleanliness, exposure to chemicals, hormonal abnormalities, stress, drugs, etc. However, the growth period is shortened, hair loss and softening are accelerated. Thus, if more than 100 hairs are lost a day, hair loss occurs. If hair loss is ongoing, you need expert advice.

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